Two New Columbaria Installed at North Lawn Cemetery

July 1, 2020

Canton Cemetery Association is pleased to announce the installation of two new, outdoor columbaria at North Lawn Cemetery. Named “Tranquility” (left) and “Serenity” (right), these beautiful cremation niches flank the entrance into the Chapel Mausoleum. Both columbaria contain 36 niches, each of which can accommodate one or two sets of cremains. The structures are crafted of fine black and gray granite. Each niche includes an individually 8 inch by 8 inch bronze plaque.

Outdoor Columbaria for Flexible Visitation

The North Lawn Cemetery mausoleums offer cremation niches inside and crypts that accommodate cremated remains and full burials both inside and outside, as well as these new columbaria. While the mausoleum is locked every day at 4pm, these outdoor niches are accessible from dawn to dusk. Families may visit when the mausoleum is closed and can even view from their cars.

As cremation continues to become an increasingly popular choice, we desire to continue to increase the unique and variable options for burying cremains within our cemeteries.

Burial Arrangements for Cremated Remains

In addition to entombing cremated remains within the new columbaria, we also offer niches within the mausoleum as well as ground burial. Cremains may be buried in a traditional ground grave or a mausoleum vault alone, together, or in combination with full-body burial. We also offer burial packages with discounts when you purchase your space and urn or container through us.

To get familiar with all the options, schedule a no-obligation consultation with the Canton Cemetery Association’s family advisors. Discounts are available for the cremation niches in the Tranquility and Serenity columbarium when you pre-arrange for burial. We’re ready and waiting to help equip you to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones.

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