Burial Pre-Planning Guide

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Making your own cemetery arrangements is one of the most caring gifts you can leave your loved ones. While your burial is hopefully years or even decades away, making arrangements now prepares you for the future and alleviates some of the stress on your family when that unfortunate time comes. Plus, pre-planning your cemetery arrangements allows you to decide together how you’d like to be remembered.

Get familiar with the elements you’ll need to consider as you start making your burial plans.

Final Disposition Options

You have a range of options to consider regarding final disposition of your body, whether you opt for a full-body burial or cremation. With either, you may choose traditional ground burial or above-ground burial.

For in-ground body burials, we offer traditional burial in a grave and certified green burial. You may select an individual burial space or family burial plot. Also note that if you choose to be cremated, you can still be buried. These plots may be used for several combinations of full-body burial and cremated remains.

Above ground options include full-body entombment in a mausoleum vault as well as interment for cremated remains within a columbarium or mausoleum niche.

Canton Cemetery Association Services & Products

Within our locally-owned North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries, we offer a wide range of burial options for Stark County residents (and beyond). Our historic and beautiful cemeteries are locally owned and board run by people with deep roots in and caring for our community. Our family advisors would love to walk you through the options and help equip you to make the right plans to meet your burial desires. We offer:

Emergency Planning Guide

We’ll help you ensure that, when your time comes, your family members know of your desires and all pre-arrangements you have made. During your consultation, we’ll provide an Emergency Planning Guide book in which you can document information including:

  • Wills and important documents
  • Insurance and bank accounts
  • Personal statistics and history
  • Memorial instructions
  • Living will

Receive your free planning guide booklet during your consultation session with one of our family advisors. There's no obligation to purchase burial property or services. Use the form below to request your meeting.

No-Obligation Consultation