Memorialize After Cremation

Burial or Entombment for Cremated Remains

More and more Stark County families are choosing cremation as an alternative to in-ground burial or entombment. But many are left wondering what to do with cremated remains after the funeral or memorial service. There are many options for honoring a loved one who’s been cremated, beyond keeping an urn on a mantle at home.

The Canton Cemetery Association offers a variety of options for interring cremated remains. In addition to the columbarium and mausoleums at North Lawn Cemetery, you may also choose a traditional in-ground burial in an individual burial space or family plot.

Our family advisors are standing by to guide you through the options, equipping you to make the best decisions for your personal cemetery arrangements.

Cremation Niches and Columbarium at North Lawn

The serene and scenic North Lawn Cemetery includes two mausoleums and several columbaria with cremation niches. Mausoleum locations are indoors, where you can come to remember or be remembered in a dignified, weather-protected and temperature-controlled setting.

Mausoleum niche options include:

  • Marble door, bronze door, or clear glass front
  • Bronze urns in tasteful designs for glass niches
  • A variety of attractive designs
  • Multiple locations within two mausoleums
Cremation Urn

The columbarium at North Lawn provide niches for memorialization in a restful, outdoor setting. Flowers, benches and an accessible walkway provide a welcome space for honoring loved ones.

Advantages of Pre-Planning for Cremation Arrangements

Making your own arrangements ahead of time for cremation and interment will be one of the kindest and most loving gifts you can give your family. You can choose a dignified setting with the memorial of your choosing, so that when the time comes they are free to grieve and remember without the weight of difficult decisions. You also save significantly by planning ahead with access to discounts and small payment plans.

Reach out to a family advisor today. We offer tours as well as no-obligation consultations in the comfort of your own home.

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Cremation Urns

Canton Cemetery Association provides a wide range of cremation urn products to suit any style and preference. Urns may be used for ground burial, mausoleum and columbarium niches, home display and more.


Within the North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries, we allow bench memorials and cremation memorials to be placed over burial plots. Customized memorials in high-quality granite allow for names, dates, emblems and built-in vases for holding flowers.