Traditional Grave Burial

A Variety of Options for Ground Burial Plots

Many people prefer a traditional ground burial in a grave for personal, religious or other reasons. Choosing a cemetery is the first step. Then, you’ll also have important decisions to make about the gravesite’s location within the cemetery, type of monument or marker you prefer, and whether the plot is to be used for an individual or family burial.

Our caring family advisors will help guide you through these and other variables, ensuring you understand all the options to make the right decision for you and your family.

Canton Cemetery Association offers the most scenic gravesite options, most affordable pricing and packages, and greatest variety of burial options in Stark County. Choose the perfect gravesite in the beautiful North Lawn or historic West Lawn cemeteries of Canton, Ohio.

Traditional Grave Burial Services

Canton Cemetery Association provides all the basics required for a ground burial within North Lawn Cemetery and West Lawn Cemetery. These include:

  • One burial space
  • One custom-built burial vault
  • Installation
  • Opening and closing
  • Monuments and markers
Graves - North Lawn Cemetery

We offer individual burial spaces, traditional burial for two people, family burial estates of eight graves or more, lawn crypts for two or more people and more. You may also choose to inter a body and cremated remains in the same plot.

Note that our cemetery-specific services do not include caskets or funeral services. We will partner with your chosen providers to ensure all your needs are met well and to your desires. And, we do offer a variety of cremation and keepsake urns should you choose that route.

Advantages of Pre-Planning for Grave Burials

One of the hardest things anyone must confront is the burial of a loved one. Making your final arrangements beforehand is truly a gift to those you love. It’s easier, kinder and more economical to do it together—before the need occurs.

Pre-arranging gives you the ability to choose the method and location you prefer. It also provides large cost savings with discounts and small monthly payment plans.

No-Obligation Consultation

Veterans Burial

At the heart of Veterans Garden stands a beautiful monument honoring those who’ve served in the United States military. Burial spaces are provided free to honorably discharged veterans.

Green Burial

Choose certified green burial in North Lawn Cemetery’s Emerald Meadows section for a natural approach that protects the environment and the people who live and work nearby.