Other Types of Cemetery Memorials

Bench & Cremation Memorials for Honoring Loved Ones

Upright monuments and grave markers are probably the most common options people select for their burial spaces. However, several perhaps less traditional memorial options are also available for those looking for a unique way to remember or be remembered.

Within the North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries, we allow bench memorials and cremation memorials to be placed over burial plots (adjacent spaces for two people). Customized memorials in high quality granite allow for names, dates, emblems and built-in vases for holding flowers.

Purchasing Memorials Through Canton Cemetery Association

Bench and cremation memorials are types of monuments placed on a granite base over at least two graves. With our extensive network of vendors, we are able to get most colors of granite and provide any type of design as long as they fall within the rules of the cemetery.

Specific considerations of which you’ll need to be aware include:

  • The size of the monument in relation to the burial plot
  • The location of the monument on the plot
  • The size of the base and the monument
  • Materials used must be granite, marble, or approved bronze
  • No offensive language or images will be permitted

All monuments must be approved by the Canton Cemetery Association. Family advisors will assist you in making selections should you choose to purchase your memorial through us. If you choose to purchase through a retailer, you’ll need to be sure your selection and installation follow all cemetery regulations.

Samples of Cemetery Memorials

Advantages of Pre-Planning Burial Arrangements

Selecting a memorial type, style, material, and design are just a few of the end-of-life decisions that must be made. Plus, memorials must work with your gravesite selection, cemetery rules, and more. Give your family a gift of love by exploring and selecting your options before they are needed.

No-Obligation Consultation

Headstones or Upright Monuments

Selecting the right memorial can be a difficult, yet compassionate and healing task. Our team will equip you to make informed decisions as you plan.

Grave Markers

Grave markers provide a clean, elegant and more subtle way to honor the deceased. Explore the options for North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries.