Plan Ahead For Burial

A Thoughtful and Loving Gift for Your Family

When a death occurs in the family, the normal grieving process gets compounded by confusion, expenses and difficult decisions that must be made immediately. Often, people do not have wills or haven’t made family members aware of any desires or plans they may have had.

While it can be difficult to discuss these matters, it’s better to do it now and avoid these extra burdens on your loved ones. Instead, you have the opportunity to craft your plan now, arranging your ideal approach for resting and remembrance together.

Since 1859, the Canton Cemetery Association has been helping the residents of Stark County by offering affordable pre-planning burial arrangements in our locally-owned cemeteries. We are the largest privately owned cemetery provider in the county, and we have a range of options to fit every desire and need. Plus, when you pre-plan your cemetery arrangements, you’ll have access to deep discounts and small payments over time rather than paying in full at the time of burial.

Our family advisors would love to sit down with you in your home or our office, wherever you are most comfortable, and equip you with the information to make the best decisions for you and your family. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to talk you through the options and would love to give you a tour of our beautiful and historic cemeteries.

Burial Planning Guide

Get familiar with the elements you’ll need to consider as you start making your burial plans. Decide together with your loved one how you want to be remembered.

Affordable Packages & Financing

Pre-arranging for burial allows you to lock in lower prices and discounts with an affordable payment plan. Learn more about the benefits and options.

Pre-Arranging Q&A

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about cemeteries, burial planning and pre-arrangement considerations.

No-Obligation Consultations

Planning ahead is one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts you can leave your family. Request a no-obligation consultation for burial planning today.

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