Cremation Urns

Choosing an Urn for Burial or Display

If you opt for cremation in your end-of-life planning, you likely picture a beautiful cremation urn for displaying remains. But, did you know that urns can also be used for ground burial or entombment in a niche when you choose cremation?

Canton Cemetery Association provides a wide range of cremation urn products to suit any style and preference. When you purchase an urn through your cemetery, you’ll get more affordable prices in addition to expert guidance on product selection and burial options.

Purchasing Urns Through Canton Cemetery Association

We can provide an urn if you plan to keep it on display at home. However, if you choose a cemetery burial you will need to purchase an appropriate urn for that use.

For ground burials, the urn is placed inside a cremation vault for burial. For entombment within a mausoleum or columbarium niche, the urn will be placed directly within the space. You may opt for a glass front on a mausoleum niche, which allows visitors to see the urn within.

Our members most commonly purchase urns through us to use for green burial and in the mausoleums. We are happy to provide urns for traditional burial or home use, as well. You can choose from the urns in our stock, or we can supply almost anything you want through our extensive network of vendors.


Cremation Urn North Lawn Cemetery

Advantages of Pre-Planning Burial Arrangements

Selecting a cremation burial property and appropriate urn are just a few of the end-of-life decisions that must be made. Give your family a gift of love by exploring and selecting your options before they are needed.

No-Obligation Consultation

Cremation Burial

North Lawn Cemetery offers many options for honoring a loved one who’s been cremated, including entombment within the mausoleum chapel, in free-standing columbaria or in a traditional grave.


Above-ground entombment in one of the North Lawn Cemetery mausoleums offers a peaceful, sheltered, secure environment for loved ones to visit and remember.