Grave Markers

Flush, Bevel and Slant Markers for Canton Cemeteries

Grave markers provide a clean, elegant and more subtle way to honor the deceased. These simple markers have space for a name, birth and death dates, and a simple design. They allow for dignified remembrance without calling overt attention to the gravesite. Markers are also less costly than upright monuments.

The Canton Cemetery Association has relationships with quarries all over the world, allowing us to provide unique, quality granite markers at rates you can afford. Purchasing through your cemetery is the simplest and most affordable way to get the grave marker you desire and have it installed. Plus, all money you spend with us goes directly to the maintenance of the cemetery grounds, such as mowing and trimming.

Grave markers may hold one name for an individual or two names for a couple’s burial plot. It’s important to coordinate the type of burial space or plot you need as well as the section within the North Lawn or West Lawn Cemetery to ensure your selections follow cemetery standards. The best way to be equipped for burial planning is to speak with our caring, knowledgeable family advisors. We are available for a no-obligation consultation in the comfort of your own home or in our office.

Purchasing Grave Markers Through Canton Cemetery Association

Flat, flush or bevel grave markers may be erected on “marker” ground spaces within the North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries.

Flush, or flat markers, and just as described: they lay flat and are flush with the ground. The most common size is 24” by 12” over one grave space. However, we can also accommodate larger markers based on the side of the grave as well as the number of graves over which the marker will be placed.

Bevel markers are raised in the back. While the front of the marker lays flush with the ground, the back may be raised from six to eight inches.

Slant markers are similar to bevel markers but with a more dramatic slant. Not all slant markers are allowed on marker spaces, per the dimensions and/or rules of the cemetery section.


Rules for permitted markers vary according to each section of the North Lawn and West Lawn cemeteries. Some sections are marker only, while others are organized into marker and monument rows. To explore the options, we encourage you to speak with a family advisor about your burial plans.

Samples of Grave Markers

Advantages of Pre-Planning Burial Arrangements

Selecting a grave marker material, type and design are just a few of the end-of-life decisions that must be made. And, a marker must work with your gravesite selection, cemetery rules, and more. Give your family a gift of love by exploring and selecting your options before they are needed.

No-Obligation Consultation

Headstones & Monuments

Selecting the right memorial can be a difficult, yet compassionate and healing task. Our team will equip you to make informed decisions as you plan.

Decor & Restoration

We work hard to maintain specific standards of maintenance, beauty and uniformity within the cemeteries out of respect for our families. Learn more.