Six Ways to Keep the Memory of Your Loved One Alive

July 1, 2020

Losing a loved one is one of the worst experiences you’ll ever go through. It’s terrible how much you’ll miss them, but it’s a moving tribute to what a wonderful person they were that their loss will be felt so deeply by so many. While you’ll be apart, you’ll never really say goodbye. You can keep their memory alive in a multitude of ways.

Donate a Bench

Think of the comfort you’ll experience any time you miss your loved one if you donate a bench in their honor to a cemetery or park. You can go to that bench anytime to sit there and think of them. A nameplate can be placed on the bench, so you’ll always have a reminder of them whenever you sit there. And if your loved one took special pleasure in helping others, think how much they would enjoy knowing they have a bench in their honor where people can sit to rest and remember.

Set Up a Scholarship in Their Name

Was your loved one an educator or someone who believed in supporting children and their dreams? Then there’s no tribute more fitting than establishing a college scholarship in their name. Each year, some lucky college-bound kid will receive help paying for the dream of secondary education just because your loved one existed and made an impact upon those who donated to the fund.

Make a Memory Book

Take all the old pictures you have of the person you lost and create a scrapbook full of memories you can pull out whenever you’re missing them or feeling sad. Include any old letters, notes, or printed out funny text messages they may have sent you. You’ll be able to share this memory book with other friends and family, too, and it might bring them comfort or a smile to their faces as they remember all the good times.

Do Something for the Environment

An environmental act like planting a tree can be moving for the person left behind. Every year, you’ll see that tree growing stronger, and you’ll know that it’s doing important work, like beautifying its surroundings and producing oxygen and shade.

Use Some of Their Clothing to Make a Quilt or Pillow

This can be incredibly comforting for those who have lost someone close to them like a child, spouse, sibling, or parent. If you can’t sew, you can hire someone to do it for you or enlist the help of a talented friend. If you go this route, try to choose an article of clothing that you associate with them, like a favorite shirt they liked to wear. Whenever you’re missing them, you can cuddle up with that quilt and know that you’re touching something they frequently wore.

Visit and Decorate Their Grave

Canton Cemetery Association’s West Lawn Cemetery and North Lawn Cemetery are beautiful resting places. You can keep the memory of your loved one alive and honor them by bringing fresh flowers to their grave and talking to them for a while. This is a great way to let out your emotions and feel like you are staying connected to your loved one. Keep in mind that our cemeteries have rules and guidelines for flowers and decorations. If you want to plant flowers, you must complete an application and get it approved prior to planting. Reach out to our family advisors for more information!

We’re Here to Help

Canton Cemetery Association helps families through the tragic aftermath of losing a loved one. We offer services and expert advice to help you navigate these unfamiliar waters as you plan burial arrangements. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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