Can I Still Be Buried Even If I’m Cremated?

July 1, 2020

Many who consider cremation might think they won’t be able to be buried if they opt for that choice. And families often wonder what to do with the remains of loved ones who select cremation – should they scatter them or keep them on the mantle? Scattering remains or displaying them in a place of honor in your home are not the only options after cremation. It’s actually quite commonplace to bury cremains either in a container or a burial urn. If you or a relative want to be cremated, but also would like a cemetery burial, that’s an option. Cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery or entombed above ground in a mausoleum vault or cremation niche. This allows you and/or loved ones to be interred near to each other within the same or adjacent burial spaces, vaults or niches in a place where friends and family can come to pay respects. Many cemeteries also give you the chance to add a memorial marker, like a plaque, monument, or a bench, near the burial spot.

Why Burying Cremated Remains Is a Good Option

While many people do prefer to keep the dearly departed’s urn at home and nearby at all times, there are also compelling reasons for instead burying cremains. These include:

  • Keeping family members together: Perhaps you and your loved ones desire to be interred together. An urn burial at a cemetery offers that ability. Also, if family members have varying desires for cremation versus full-body burial, you have options to be buried together within the same space.
  • Everyone has access: Friends and family members may visit at any time to honor and remember a lost loved one without having to infringe on someone’s home or time.
  • Bequeathment issues: Eventually, those treasured remains may fall into the hands of someone who doesn’t want them. Not everybody loves the idea of having a person’s remains in their house, and if they passed on at some point to a more distant relative, finding a caretaker for them could become an issue. But if they are buried, the cemetery will be the caretaker.
  • Finding the space: If you downsize your home or live in a small apartment, you may not have the space to dedicate to keeping the urn displayed properly.
  • Some religions prohibit scattering ashes or keeping them at home: If you or a loved one are Catholic, it’s crucial to bury cremated remains. The Vatican has guidelines asking that cremains not be kept in the home or scattered. Burial in cemeteries is always recommended.
  • Giving mourners a place to pay respects: If you choose to scatter, current and future generations will have no place to stop to pay their respects to the deceased.

For Help Planning a Cemetery Arrangements

When you need assistance with planning a burial for yourself or a loved one in Stark County, Ohio, Canton Cemetery Association will be glad to walk you through the options. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your cemetery arrangements.

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